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Delivery Format

The strategy of the competition is to create a conceptual architectural and urban development master plan for the city of Irpin. This will be achieved by using maps, images, photomontages, digital urban views, renders, and a digital video. The aim is to capture a futuristic conceptual idea of architecture and urban planning for the city's current development, in an imagined scenario for the future horizon. The competition's approach emphasizes the importance of visual representation to convey this conceptual idea effectively. By using a combination of these techniques, the master plan will offer a comprehensive and coherent vision for Irpin's urban development that takes into account the city's current and future needs.

Each formally registered team must submit three color A0 size sheets and an explanatory video of the contest trip. The pictures and the video must be sent by mail to within the deadline before December 18 in a ZIP folder whose weight does not exceed 20 MB.


The delivery must respect the format described below:

Sheets to deliver

Each eam must deliver three A0-size sheets in digital pdf format in color, which must respect the letter format helvetic and bullet marked on the attached example sheets. The sheets and their material must respect the order and format described below:

Sheet n°1 - A0 Color

A main digital image, visualization in 3D, render, handwritten perspectives or photomontages, on a large scale and with a striking visual character that captures the central  futuristic and conceptual idea of the project. This along with the development of a working memory that will include the main ideas developed in the proposal as well as the work modality. This memory must explicitly include the answers to the 11 essential questions previously exposed in this web page and must be through drawings, sketches, writings or perspectives by hand, including:​

  • Inspirations with comments and conclusions.

  • Sketch of the main idea/vision of the concept to develop.

  • Design guidelines of the program assumptions.

Sheet n°2 - A0 Color

A conceptual map scale 1:10.000 based on the submitted planimetry, showing the future functional structure of the city together with the particular work on some critical spaces (defined by participants) within the city of Irpin. All the graphics and approaches must account for the main intentions and spatial definitions of each proposal, including:

  • Texts, tables, diagrams and graphs of the functional program concept and for each special part, place or sector selected to be remodeled, improved or worked.

  • Texts, tables, diagrams and graphs of the functional and spatial conceptual vision of the project.

  •  Schemes explaining design solutions for  each special part, place or sector selected to be remodeled, improved or worked.

Sheet n°3 - A0 Color

This last sheet will take place to show the rest of the 3d digital  images, render, photomontages or handwritten perspectives developed on the conceptual idea of ​​the new city for Irpin in a graphically important and attractive way . These should not be more than 3 or 4.

Video "The Journey of the Contest"

Along with all of the above, each group must present a VIDEO MP4 format of no more than 2 minutes in 1920 x 1080 resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio; in which you must include:

  • A first-person recorded description of any of the group members recounting "THE JOURNEY OF THE CONTEST”": how and why they made certain decisions and their relationship to the Essential Questions presented in this document to be answered by each team.

  • Some visualizations in 3d movement, touring the places intervened by each team.

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