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Important Information

Only  Universities and Institutions from countries that support the Ukrainian cause may participate.


This competition is for students only and we will only accept applications from universities that have responded to our invitation.  If you'd like to participate and your university hasn't received an invitation from us yet, we probably couldn't find your contact information! Please, write to our email and we will answer you as soon as possible:


Registration Payment

To formalize the participation of each of the student teams that will represent their university, the Participating Team Registration Process must be completed.

For this purpose, 200 EUROS must be paid for the registration of each of these teams.

To carry out this registration process in an easier, faster and more efficient way, we have enabled a Payment Campaign through a PayPal account, specially enabled for this purpose, which can be accessed by clicking on the following button:

Thank you so much!

Once the payment for the registration of each of the student teams that will participate has been made, the PayPal payment receipt must be sent along with the Participating Team Registration Form that we attach with this letter.

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