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International Contest

This international competition is a very special  one, about architecture and urbanism, but mainly it is about the strength of heart, soul, spirit, passion and human compassion to rebuild the Ukrainian space through the City from Irpin!

After the outbreak of war, the IRS - The Irpin Reconstruction Summit Foundation, which is the foundation created especially by the City of Irpin, for the promotion, collection of funds and development of reconstruction projects for this city - reached out to us with a unique opportunity to develop an international competition for architecture and urbanism students. with the support of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology, as well as the territorial intelligence center of Adolfo Ibáñez university, we embarked on the exciting contest called "City of Irpin: The Future Horizon". 

The fundamental idea of this international architecture competition is to build a fresh, creative, innovative, free, and spontaneous conceptual image, without professional or economic distortions, for the future, for the reconstruction of a city that has been destroyed by the invasion of the Russian army.

We encourage the students to think and imagine a new city as a phoenix rising from the ashes: deeply rooted in its customs and traditions; a careful and respectful city with its natural, sustainable, ecological, and green environment, which aspires to enhance its status as a happy city, a city of life, work, rest, recreation, culture, well-being, and peace.

ICAUS Internationa Constest

International Competition for Architecture and Urbanism Students



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1st place

Erode-Retrait Cultivation

Studients: Saya Higuchi & Kakeru Furukawa.

Professor: Kaoru Suehiro.

University: Kyushu University, Japan.

 "[...] The ideas of the project are consonant with Ukrainian history and coincide with the dreams of the future of many Ukrainians. The experience of private agriculture is stored in the memory of modern urban residents."

                                  Oleksiy Obraztsov, Jury of ICAUS contest

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