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The Fundamental Questions

The proposal and strategy carried out by this contest is to put into full and profound discussion and questioning all the concepts, tools, coding, and interfaces used to understand, define, think, and project the current city, understanding that its current composition and configuration has failed in its basic function of generating happiness and human health and dignity.

in this way each participating team, as part of the foundations and arguments of their proposals, must answer explicitly a handful of essential questions.

 First, by identifying its qualities, essential characteristics, and urban and social values that existed prior to the destruction of the city.



Secondly, taking advantage of this devastating situation to project a vision of a city that wants to incorporate all the positive and valuable elements of (post) modernity.



Lastly, the possibility of thinking about this future city, envisioning an eco-friendly, climate-conscious, innovative city poised to be a global leader.



Fundamental Questions from the Future of the Cities

a)     What is your definition of the city of the future? 


b)     What is your definition of the place for living and fulfilling life?

c)     How to incorporate and ensure health and dignity in the city?

d)     What will be the most important problems and challenges that cities will face in the near future?


e)     What essential objectives must be met considering the great urban failures of the current cities in the world?


f)     What new development tools do you propose to successfully meet these objectives?


g)      How can a happy, satisfied and secure city be created?

Despina City

Fundamental Questions from the Future City of Irpin

a)     What should be the relationship between Irpin, as a satellite city, with Kyiv?

b)     What is the role of Irpin within the Kyiv region, being an intermediate point between the international airport and the large capital city?


c)     What are the spatial and urban structures that must be implemented in the City of Irpin, together and in harmony with its pre-existing elements, so that it can develop as an environmentally friendly city?


d)     What are the spatial, urban and structural elements that must be implemented in the city of Irpin to achieve a happy, satisfied and secure city in a post-war context?

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