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The Heroic City of Ukraine

Irpin is a city located in the Kiev Oblast (region) of Ukraine. It is situated approximately 20 kilometers northwest of the capital city of Kiev, making it a popular destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city while still remaining in close proximity. With a population of around 43,000, Irpin is a relatively small city but has a lot to offer visitors.  

The Winners

"We are really happy, satisfied and very proud of the great success of this wonderful academic process, because we deeply believe that it will be a great contribution to the real reconstruction process that this city will face in the future."

                                                                                                Cristian Wittig, Dean of ICAUS Contest.

1st place

Erode-Retrait Cultivation

Studients: Saya Higuchi & Kakeru Furukawa.

Professor: Kaoru Suehiro.

University: Kyushu University, Japan.

 "[...] The ideas of the project are consonant with Ukrainian history and coincide with the dreams of the future of many Ukrainians. The experience of private agriculture is stored in the memory of modern urban residents."

                                  Oleksiy Obraztsov, Jury of ICAUS contest

2nd place

Studients: Sadovyi Artem, Yarmish Kseniia, Petko Mariia, Lysiak Sofiia, Kachuievska Oleksandra & Bondarenko Karyna.

Professors: Suvorova Tetiana & Hrimanov Andrii.

University: Prydniprovska State Academy of Construction and Architecture, Ukraine.

 "The project makes a planimetric analysis and demonstrates a complete knowledge of the city of IRPIN, its urban structure and its relationship with its environment and region. Setting clearly the challenges it faces, as well as the urban elements on which the proposal. The proposal based on the analysis of the urban structure of the city of IRPIN,
proposes understanding the city as a whole  [...]

                              Teodoro Fernández, Jury of ICAUS contest

3rd place

RENU a new perspective

Studients: Alonso González Ávalos, María José Herrera Chacón, José Luis Mena Marenco , Josué Roberto Menjívar Escobar,  Lineth Sobalbarro Carmona & Kevin Jesús Vargas Rodríguez.

Professors: Tomás Martínez Baldares & Erik Calderón Acuña.

University: Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica, Costa Rica.

 "The project contains important principles for working with the urban environment. His simple ideas can be useful for Ukrainian cities. They bring together urban communities and authorities for joint action. The work lacks a vibrant architectural concept of the city of the future."

                                  Oleksiy Obraztsov, Jury of ICAUS contest

Honorable Mention 1

Safe Space

Studients: Tuomo Korjus, Nino Bračevac & Merle Zipperling.

Professor: Claudia Auer.

University: School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Aalto University, Finland.

 "Sincere honest work. There is a lack of a holistic architectural idea adapted to the local context."

                              Teodoro Fernández, Jury of ICAUS contest

Honorable Mention 2

Irpin Resurrected: A multi-layered approach to design urban strata.

Studients: Ceren Sezer, Elif Nur Erdoğan, Elif Nur Kaçar, Eren Al, İrem Yüksel & Melis Bal.

Professor: Irmak Özgür.

University: Faculty of Architecture and Design, TED University.

"The proposed images identify a city dense, abstract that expands and develops in three dimensions. The proposal is unusually abstract, however interesting to be applied to ruins concrete characteristics of the city, as well as the medieval way in which cities were built from the Roman ruins.."

                              Teodoro Fernández, Jury of ICAUS contest

Honorable Mention 3


Studients: Kuisma Kyyhkynen, Eliska Syrucková & Robert Hartmann.

Professor: Claudia Auer.

University: School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Aalto University, Finland.

 "Solid concept. It's a useful idea to shape a city through numerous small, collaborative initiatives among citizens. The formation and placement of “flows” in the urban environment contrasts with the existing planning structure of the city. This approach contradicts the stated values of decentralization and democratization of urban processes."

                                  Oleksiy Obraztsov, Jury of ICAUS contest

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