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The Challege

Imagine a city that has never been built before

The challenge of this new image of the city is that it has never been seen before. Selecting some key aspects for its development and capturing a clear image of how these aspects are expressed in formal elements within the city is essential. It requires leaving behind old urban planning paradigms and replacing them with new, conceptual, creative and innovative points of view. The aim is to build a new urban space that mediates between the old conception of the dichotomy between public and private spaces, and the separation of specific urban areas, while integrating various functions. The goal is to create a new transition space, the new collaborative urban space, for future generations that respects the heritage.

Dorotea City by Karina Puente Frantzen

...Build a new model

From those futuristic dreams, the main intention is to contribute, feed and enrich, with a breath of freshness and young energy, the projects that are being currently developed for the post-war Ukraine by commercial and public professional offices and professional teams of architecture and urban planning.


The essential idea is to find and build a new model of conceptual creation for urban development through the work of the student teams led by architecture and urban planners that , to build a new modality of work, not imposed by economist, business development priorities, not dominated by engineering logic of transport and a territorial ordering, free from a purely operational logic. Hence, the works submitted for the competition are not expected to follow any of the currently promoted concepts of urban development.


The central objective of this international competition is to be able to contribute directly with new, innovative, avant-garde, and free ideas from the sensitivity and abilities of young architecture and urban planning students from all over the world, to the urban process that is currently being developed for the reconstruction of the wonderful and heroic City of Irpin.


Likewise, this contest will allow for a deep intellectual and artistic reflection on the meaning of a process of reconstruction of a city destroyed by war, and how, since that tragedy, it is possible to re-think this city and open new horizons for its future.

Some Inspirations

In a strategic way we present some books to inspire you in the search for the new city.

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